Monday, 3 February 2014

Mum's advice

The previous post was actually advice from my Mum.  I tried to use this advice in my own life and of course I also use it in my stories.
Can make a really good point of conflict.

A Valentine's Day peice of advice.

Never marry a man/woman if you don't agree about these three things
1 How to bring up your children
2 How to spend the money
3 Similar sexual appetite

Monday, 29 July 2013

Real Love

Hi Ya All
Do you remember that completely inappropriate person that you thought was the sexiest person alive? Do you remember the beating heart,  the sweaty palms ( sorry Chris) and wide eyed wonder that overcame you every time that person came into view? Do you also remember how everyone in your family laughed and called it puppy love? Well, guess what, it seems to me that you should have listened to your young immature heart. Because every time I see the lovely grey haired old couple sitting on the park bench being interviewed by some 6.30 evening news crew I am reminded just how right this idea is.. There they are Eric and Mabel smiling and holding hands after 65 years of marriage and the lovely young man or woman asking them, with a cheeky grin, "So, tell us, what is the secret to your long and successful marriage?"  Grin! And they look at each other, as if asking permission, and they say, " Well Dearie, we are friends. Eric has always been my best friend." And he agrees. The film clip ends and every woman turns to every man and says, "See! That's the secret!"
Sorry to upset you all but there is usually another reason they have stayed together all those years and it is the one thing our society doesn't want to talk about. All those couples got together in their teens.Sometimes very early in their teens.  Ha! Ha! Puppy love might be the best love after all.